Yoga in the vines

Movement - Meditation - Wine - Food

Yoga at the Cuttaway Hill vineyard classes are led by Annie from Southern Highlands Yoga and are suitable for the beginner to the experienced. Expect a full body alignment based flow class which is challenging and fun in a calming vineyard setting, leaving you feeling much lighter and looser. Come join a class today and notice how good your body is meant to feel followed by a taste sensation of wine and food like no other at our cellar door.

Twice a month we offer a celebration of nature and a way to come together and practice yoga to music, ending with a wine tasting accompanied by fresh local produce platters. We want people to let go as we guide them to connect their breath to their beat and drop some sweat and stress on the mat and just leave any troubles behind them.

Classes are led by by Annie from Southern Highlands Yoga, who has completed the Hatha Yoga Instructing course with world leading yoga teachers of Live the Light of Yoga.

Classes run from 10:30am to 12:30pm

Sunday 10th November

Thursday 14th November

Thursday 12th December

Sunday 15th December

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